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Edward Vronski screen used antigen tech ID. Edward Vronski is an employee of the biotech giant Antigen, where he appears to be of some importance. After an alert is issued that one of Antigen's captives has escaped, he spots a Vampire named Selene about to jump out of a window. He orders the guards not to follow Selene, as she will lead them to Eve, a child Hybrid whose blood is important to the company. Selene follows him home and questions him, believing the person he will lead her to is Michael Corvin. Vronski explains how Selene and "Subject 2" can see through each other's eyes when they are in close proximity and pleads with Selene to spare him, as he let her go. Telling Vronski, "Now we're even", Selene lets him go while hanging out of a window, sending Vronski plummeting to his death on a car roof below. In the scene where he returns to his apartment, his name can be seen on his ID as "Edward Vronski".
Vronski was one of a number of scientists, (including Alan and Lida), hired by Antigen who were human, but who were, for years, kept in the dark about the company's true agenda, thinking that Antigen was helping the government identify the 'Infected', and that they were trying to prevent another outbreak of the viruses that cause Vampirism and Lycanthropy.



Underworld: Awakening Edward Vronski Antigen ID Card Prop

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