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A John Schneider Film 'Poker Run'

This is our latest film we did with John Schneider a sequel to his last film 'Stand On It' where we provided all the badges & played a small roll in a bar fight scene. Set to be release this fall in November 2021.

Scream 5 Official Trailer 2022 

We are currently made both Sheriff & Deputy Sheriff Including David Arquette's On Screen badge for his recurring role as Dewey in the successful franchise films Scream in the latest 'Scream 5'. Production has finished & film release dat is set for January 14th 2022.

'Go Fishin' The Movie' 2020

'Go Fishin' the Movie' is a great comedy we shot in the bayou's of Louisiana. It's packed full of funny scenes, you'll be sure to leave laughing, Including the one where we played a character named "Bo Jackson" who is doing a live Tv Interview as like a long haired redneck type. It's packed full of celebs, written, Produced & starred by Scott Innnes the voice of Scooby & Shagy Doo. Many of our good friends were in this film including Tony Lawson, Johnny Rock, Byron Cherry, Mountain Man (Duck Dynasty), Jeanne Caldarera & Jonah Monet (Director & Starred) among other acquaintances. Set to be released in the fall of 2020 however it's still in waiting to be released.

John Schneider Film 'Stand On It'

'Stand On It' The Lost Trailer

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John Schneider's 'Stand On It' Official Trailer 2020

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'Wedding At Graceland' Official Trailer 2019

This is a sequel to the Hallmark film 'Christmas At Graceland' 2018. We had a small roll playing in a scene were the 2 stars Kellie Pickler & Wes Brown were having lunch at the Historic Peabody Hotel In downtown Memphis.

A John Schneider Film 'Christmas Cars' Official Trailer 2019

This is a true life story based off of John Schneider's life. We was the Art Director, Prop Master & Acted in the film as a bidder in the court room scene bidding against John & his property. Played the character roll as 'Duck' the bidder guy.

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