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Comes in a shadow box frame 20 1/2" X 20 5/8" Solid wood frame & the glass will be removed once shipped because with all the weight & Metal it would for sure brake.

You can buy NEW glass or Plexi for 10.00 or Less.

The backing in the frame is Brown Velvet Suede. Inside:

(1) Genuine Leather badge & Id holder

(2) a Lieutenant Detective John McClane Id Card.

(3) FULL SIZE Metal New York Detective badge #816

(4) A screen shot of John McClane from the movie

(5) A John McClane Lieutenant Id Card

(6) A Genuine Leather around the neck Badge holder

(7) A FULL SIZE Metal Lieutenant New York Badge.

(8) 9mm Metal prop actual blank firing gun with blanks in the clip.

Just like the gun Mel Gibson Used.

(9) Screen shot photo of Martin Riggs from the movie.

(10) Real Police Hand Cuffs (no key).

(11) LAPD Detective Prop Metal Badge #1724.

(12) A Genuine Leather badge belt clip holder. (13) A LAPD Sergeant Id Card Det. Martin Riggs. ALL THESE ITEMS ARE PROP REPLICAS & WERE NEVER USED IN THESE MOVIES JUST LOOK LIKE WHAT WAS USED.

The Ultimate Lethal Weapon & Die Hard Prop Shadow Box Frame Collection

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