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"Ladies Of The Night" Gene Simmons Hand Signed Hard Cover Book

Signed with black sharpie on the in side cover right page.

Gene Simmons Limited Edition beautifully crafted huge controversial coffee table book "Ladies of the Night", signed by its equally controversial and over-the-top rocker author, Gene Simmons of KISS fame.

Obtained from an employee of one of his doctor's.

Comes with COA from Premier Props!

Gene Simmons -- mega-rock star, businessman, marketing genius and self-proclaimed free spirit -- follows up his best-selling books Kiss and Make-Up and Sex, Money, Kiss with Ladies of the Night, an examination of the history of prostitution. Simmons makes the case that men have been stepping out on women since the beginning of time, and that the practice is not about to stop. For that reason alone, Simmons argues that prostitution should be legalized. He argues that prostitution is a victimless crime that could be made safe and become a large source of tax revenues. Simmons, who has never used a lady of the night, believes no one should have to pay for sex, whether it is through prostitutes or marriage.

"Ladies Of The Night" Gene Simmons Hand Signed Hard Cover Coffee Book

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