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This incredible memorabilia comes direct from the Prop House of the Film 'Hostage'


'Hostage' SFX Bullet Wound SWAT Officer Helmet Film Prop With COA


SFX Bullet Wound SWAT Helmet & Scope Mount (size large / modified snowboard helmet / clip in front center for attaching night vision scope / padded interior / scope is missing but attachment remains / features two bullet holes, one side dressed with fake blood and other side bullet hole still has squib wiring under helmet / squibs used to set off small charges to simulate head shot / studio aged and distressed), Pair of Black Cutoff Gloves (size L / fingerless / leather and cowhide / velcro adjustment at wrist / minor wear), "Nomex" Black Mask (synthetic material / heart shaped opening for eyes and nose / minor wear) (Screen Worn) (SWAT OFFICER).


After one of his hostage negotiations goes awry, LAPD officer Jeff Talley (Bruce Willis) quits the force and relocates his family to the suburbs. As the sheriff in a sleepy town, Jeff thinks he has escaped the hustle and bustle -- until an elaborate local heist puts him back in the center of a hostage situation. When his own family is pulled into the fray, Jeff is forced to decide whether he should try to help the hostages or follow the criminals' hands-off mandate to protect his own family.



'Hostage' SFX Bullet Wound Screen Worn SWAT Officer Helmet Film Prop

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