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These are our most popular for Tv/Film production use, because they have no state or county associated with them. Another beautiful prop badge brought to you by us, a must have for your badge collection from this classic Tv show starring Michael Conrad "Let's Be Careful Out There". Long hrs. of research went into making this badge to find a badge # & the plating he wore. We found out it's possible several badge #'s were used & possible single & 2 tone plating was used. We came up with this based off the best proof we had for our customers thanks to all that helped in this project.

Sergeant Badge #63

3 1/4" TALL X 2 3/8" WIDE

3mm thick

4mm curve made of Metal

Gold & Nickel plated Blue WRITING with soft ENAMEL

BACKSIDE: Sandblast C clamp with Safety pin lock

Hill Street Blues Sgt. Phil Freemason Esterhaus Prop Replica Badge

$135.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
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