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Goldie Starger (McLaughlin) Set USED Script


This script came from a very good close friend of ours & a customer as well.

He was in the film business for many years & is now retired.

The script was passed down to him by his step Dad after her passing away.

This belonged to his Mother Actress (Goldie Starger McLaughlin), who was an actress on many popular Tv shows & films.

It was her on-set script she used, she wasn't one known for making notes/writing inside the scripts like most actors/actresses would do.

She landed the feature film "Frankie and Johnny" with Al Pacino and Michelle Pfieffer.

I did my scene with Michelle Pfieffer. I played Helen, the waitress. I have worked Sienfield, Mad About You, Sister, Sister and I had a featured role in Jerry McGuire starring Tom Cruise.

Comes with LOA

Goldie Starger (McLaughlin) Personal On-Set USED "Good Heavens" Script

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