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From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)- This Tijuana Police Badge is a rare and authentic piece of movie memorabilia from the cult classic film.

It is made of plastic and measures approximately 4" x 4".

The badge is in a badge holder and features the words "Policia de Tijuana" for Officer Carlos Gomez. In the movie, the character of Jacob Fuller (played by Harvey Keitel) mentions that he was arrested by a corrupt police officer named Carlos Gomez in Mexico. He says that Gomez took all of his money and threatened to kill him if he ever told anyone.

The character of Carlos Gomez is never seen in the movie, but he is a significant character because he sets the events of the movie in motion. If Gomez had not taken Jacob's money, Jacob and his family would not have been forced to cross the border into Mexico, and they would not have encountered the vampires at the Titty Twister.

The character of Carlos Gomez is a reminder that even in a world of vampires, there are still human beings who are capable of great evil.

This badge is a must-have for any fan of "From Dusk Till Dawn" or of cult movie memorabilia.



Good Used

Comes with COA

'From Dusk Till Dawn' Tijuana Police ID Badge W/Plastic Holder Film Prop

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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