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Product Features:

High Quality Made of Metal

2 1/2" Diameter (The Actual Badge Like Elvis Had) 


4mm Curve Colors: Gold plating

Black Soft enamel writing with Hard Enamel Center Seal

Backside Sandblasted Locking Pin Clasp Attachment


“Elvis Presley is a special Shelby county deputy sheriff, a job that allowed the star to carry a pistol. “Sheriff Roy C. Nixon confirmed the commission ceremony was held privately in his office. He said Presley had been an ‘honorary’ deputy for several years. Badge presented by Sheriff Roy Nixon. “The sheriff said the change in status was requested by Presley’s office. “Nixon said he had no plans to call his new special deputy for any law enforcement duties.” That’s puzzling because the badge provided by Morris also demoted Presley a “special deputy,” not an honorary one. Also under Tennessee law, as noted, Presley could only have qualified as a “special deputy” on such occasions as he was given a specific assignment…yet Nixon disclaimed any intention of calling him to duty.

Elvis Presley "Special" Deputy Sheriff Shelby County Same #3 Replica Badge

$85.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
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