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Discover the Dirty Harry San Francisco Police Inspector 2211 Replica Movie Prop Badge, a perfect addition for film buffs and collectors. This solid metal badge is a faithful reproduction of the iconic prop worn by Clint Eastwood in the 1971 classic “Dirty Harry.” Measuring a full 3″ in size, it captures the essence of the original with precision.

Featuring a classic pin with lock design for secure mounting, this badge is ideal for both wear and display. Whether showcased in your collection or attached to a costume, it brings a piece of movie history to life. This Dirty Harry replica badge isn’t just memorabilia; it’s a tribute to a cinematic legend. Add it to your collection and honor the legacy of one of film’s most iconic characters.


Fan Requested...

Inspector S.F. Police Badge #2211


3" In Diameter 

3mm thick

4mm curve

Made of Metal

Gold plated Blue hard enamel

BACKSIDE: Sandblast C clamp with Safety pin lock

'Dirty Harry' Film Replica Prop #2211 Badge

$125.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
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