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Production Used 200 Rand Bill Purchase Includes just (1) Bill ONLY Used in the production of this year's Sci-Fi adventure Chappie Prop currency Replica of the currency used in The Republic of South Africa "200 Rand" bill Bill reads "Bank Of South Africa" at the top of bill...(2 sided bill).

First seen at 1:30:52 in the film when Ninja, Yolandi, Yankie, and Chappie are fleeing the heist scene; the bills are later seen when the van explodes and the bills fill the air and ground.

With COPY of Certificate of Authenticity 

This is your chance to own an authentic prop from Neil Blomkamp's Sci-Fi film Chappie

'Chappie' 2015 Sci-Fi Production Used 200 Rand Bill South Africa Hugh Jackman

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