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*NEW ITEM* John Schneider "Bo Duke" DUKES OF HAZZARD 1980 STOLEN From The Set Ga. Driver's License COPY

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THESE ARE NEW...2 sided reprint signature by John just how he signed our original. It is made of PVC Plastic the same as your personal drivers license Or credit card in size & thickness. PLEASE READ STORY BELOW OF HOW THIS DL CAME ABOUT! We made a purchase for John Schneider's original Drivers License that was valid from 1980-1984 time period during the popularity of The Dukes of Hazzard show, we made a offer & to our surprise it was excepted. This is the story in her own words how this fan came across to receiving it..." A girl I grew up with, her mother (who is deceased now) worked at the Atlanta Ga. State Patrol Office for like 30+ years. She brought it home from work. We used to have to turn in our expired license when we renewed them. I think we still do but I do 8 yr. license now so its been a long time. Anyway, I was in love with him when I was a teenager & she gave me his license. She gave it to me over 30 years ago. It is not a copy. I never copied it. I never questioned if my friend's mother had made a copy at work. It came straight from the state patrol and then in my possession. I was like 15 at the time she gave it to me. I'm in my 50s now". ...BTW...We are long time personal business friend's of John.

So when we spoke to John on the phone about this, the story goes like this he said...when he was on the set working taping Dukes of Hazzard's someone stole his entire wallet with this very DL in it, which he had to get a new one at the DMV. In the mean time he said the creep sent him a photo of it saying look what I have of yours basically na na. This thief went on to make copies to sell them, so the question was is ours just a copy or the real deal that's gone missing all these years??? He asked without seeing it am I wearing a brown jacket with a fur collar, to which we replied yes. He said that's a good start the final proof is a hole being punched in it by the DMV & yes it has 2. So I offered to send it to him for authentication & he said yes send it he would be happy too. After all that he said looking at it in person, he said it's believed to be the real deal & their you have the story of John's stolen DL from over 30 yrs. ago. We recreated it & decided to share with y'all enjoy Bo Duke & Dukes of Hazzard Fans.

RARE- Mafia TRUE CRIME Gangster- Mob Boss MICKEY COHEN Custom Engraved Pajamas RARE--100% Authentic- For the True Crime Enthusiast

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You are bidding on very rare and one of a kind embroidered pajamas from L.A. Mob Boss, Mickey Cohen. These are in excellent condition. This is a beautiful pajama set, one of many from Cohen's extensive wardrobe. A perfect example of Cohen's class, elegance and the pride that he took in his appearance.

Jim Smith Jr., his father, was Mickey Cohen's right hand Man. When Mickey Cohen died his father took over most of Mickey's possessions. Mickey Cohen's appearance was very important to him. He spent a lot of his money on clothes and even his sleepwear. He had the best wardrobe money could buy and at one time he even owned his own clothing store.

Mickey Cohen was Ben "Bugsy" Siegel's right hand man. After Ben Siegel was knocked off by his Syndicate partners for skimming from the Flamingo, Mickey Cohen took over the mob's West Coast. He took over for Ben and was very successful. "I took over from Benny right away on instructions from the people back east," he said. "Naturally, I missed Benny, but to be honest with you, his getting knocked off was not a bad break for me. Pretty soon I was running everything out "Cohen's famous quote was "I never killed a man who didn't deserve it." Cohen hung around with all of the Top celebrities and political figures. He was very good friends with Frank Sinatra and the Rat pack. In January of 1972 Mickey was released from the Federal Penitentiary. Jim Smith picked him up from prison and was with him everyday for the rest of Mickey's life.

Spiderman 3 NYC Premiere Banner‏ that hung on the streets of New York! *PRICE REDUCED*

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Spiderman 3 NYC Premiere Banner that hung on the streets of New York....Spiderman 3 NYC banner- by Columbia Pictures... From the biggest movie ever, comes these rare limited edition Spider-Man 3 Street Pole Banners featured all across New York City for the premiere of Spider-Man 3! ... This is a very rare opportunity to own a piece of the Spider-Man premiere event with your very own double sided street pole banner which were hung from 42nd Street to Queens, the hometown of Peter Parker and the location of the actual premiere of the movie! ... Banner measures 35" X 7" X 11" and comes with a special area map to show the specific locations of each banner...made of very heavy duty vinyl. ... Be a true superhero today and take home this rare limited edition banner This makes an incredible gift for all Spider-Man movie fans!


NEW SEALED ELVIS PRESLEY (JAILHOUSE ROCK) Paint: original paint Scale: 6-inch Format: action figure Packaging: clamshell The fifth in McFarlane Toys' series of Elvis Presley action figures showcases the King of Rock 'n' Roll in a classic pose from his 1957 film, Jailhouse Rock. Capturing Elvis' spirit, this incredibly detailed figure comes complete with a custom stage diorama base -- he's groovin' atop a stack of 45 records, and the cell bars are swinging behind him.

Star Wars Vault (Thirty Years of Treasures From the Lucasfilm Archives! *SOLD*

RETAIL $85.00 The Star Wars Vault - The Star Wars Vault includes Fifty interactive, rare and some never-before-published memorabilie, including reproductions of Lucas's own handwritten script pages, flip-through catalogs, swag, posters, T-shirt transfers, stickers, blueprints, production notes, animation cells and much more! Hundreds of photos and pieces of artwork. This is a Star Wars collector's treasure trove of memorabilia that is available no where else. It is a 128 page collection in the form of a scrap book and fact book. This is the same 30 year Edition but without the 2 CDs. Star Wars is an American epic space opera film series created by George Lucas. The first film in the series was originally released on May 25, 1977, under the title Star Wars, by 20th Century Fox, and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, followed by two sequels, released at three-year intervals. Sixteen years after the release of the trilogy's final film, the first in a new prequel trilogy of films was released. The three films were also released at three-year intervals, with the final film released on May 19, 2005. Currently, the overall box office revenue generated by the Star Wars films has totaled at $4.49 billion,[1] making it the third-highest-grossing film series,[2] behind only the Harry Potter and James Bond films. The Star Wars film series has spawned a media franchise including books, television series, video games, and comic books. These supplements to the film trilogies comprise the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and have resulted in significant development of the series' fictional universe. These media kept the franchise going in the interim between the film trilogies. In 2008, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was released to theaters as the first-ever worldwide theatrical Star Wars film outside of the main trilogies. It was the franchise's first animated film, and was intended as an introduction to the Expanded Universe television series of the same name, a 3D CGI animated series based on a previous 2D animated series of a similar name.

George Barris Tribute Cd Hallmark Guitars Presents "The Kustom Kings" *SOLD OUT*

BRAND NEW RECENTLY RELEASED The Kustom Kings is an exciting and new collection of songs on the Swept-Wing label by legendary artists. This album kicks off with rockabilly all-time greats the Collins Kids with a revved up new rendition of their penned 50’s classic “Hot Rod.” Larry Collins, the fire blazing lead guitarist shows he still has his guitar chops with “Fireball 500” and “Wing Walker.” Guitar whiz Deke Dickerson, has been referred to as “Mr. Entertainment” and that is evident here with Deke penning a new classic with the song “King of the Kustomizers” followed by three more fun-filled tunes. Another classic guitar group featured is horror’s own the Ghastly Ones with reverb bone-chilling sounds. The Neanderthals rock it up with “Flintmobile” complete with Flint-Effects that will have you craving a bronto burger! SoCal’s own Dynotones gas it up with more of their special hot rod tunes. To charm you even more is Germany’s surf kings the Kilaueas with “Cosma Ray.” This album is dedicated as a tribute to George Barris, the legendary car kustomizer. You may not know George by name but you know his cars. He has created countless kustom TV and movie cars such as the 1966 Batmobile car, the Munsters Koach and Dragula cars and he has built cars for stars like Elvis Presley, Ringo Starr and so many more. This release is a limited Cd and features the art of master low brow artist “Dirty Donny.” TRACK LIST: 1. The Collins Kids – Hot Rod 2. Deke Dickerson – King of the Kustomizers 3. Larry Collins – Fireball 500 4. The Dynotones – ZZR 5. The Neanderthals – Flintmobile 6. Deke Dickerson – Jethro’s Jalopy 7. Larry Collins – Wing Walker 8. The Ghastly Ones – Kargoyle 9. The Kilaueas – Cosma Ray 10.The Untamed Youth – General Lee 11. The Ghastly Ones – Raider’s Coach 12. The Dynotones – Ala Kart Here's what John Schneider of the Dukes of Hazzard as "Bo Duke" had to say about track # 10 Titled "General Lee" "Very retro and cool. Captured the "Beatnick" sound perfectly!"... Byron Cherry AKA "Coy Duke" said this... "COOL SONG" COMES WITH AN 8 PAGE GLOSSY COLOR INSERT OF THE ARTIST...PICTURED BELOW FRONT & BACKSIDE...


These come folded with 4 sides, New NEVER USED & pictures above is an example of what they look like ONLY. THIS IS A 1985 VERY SUPER RARE YOU WON'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE...FROM THE RIVIERA HOTEL & CASINO LAS VEGAS... BLACK/WHITE 4 SIDED POSTCARD ON HEAVY STOCK PAPER SIGNED OR UNSIGNED TO THE WINNER BY THE HOST HIMSELF JOEL LANGER! Joel is a personal friend of mine & this will ship from HIM to YOU! WATCH THIS VIDEO CLIP OF THE HOLLYWOOD GAME SHOW AT THE RIVIERA IN LAS VEGAS (Copy & paste this link below) Las Vegas Sun Press Release Everybody Wins at the Riviera The Hollywood Game Show starring Joel Langer starts tonight at 8:00 pm and will be held every Wed night in the Versailles Theatre. You'll want to have plenty of "Riviera Dollars" to play for fabulous prizes. You could walk away a winner with thousands of dollars in merchandise, trips, shopping sprees, jewelry and much more! Anything is possible at the Hollywood Game Show, but you'll need "Riviera Dollars" to play. Earn your "Riviera Dollars" by playing our slot machines located throughout the Casino. Joel Langer is the host, but the real stars in this 2 hour Extravaganza are the participants in the audience. Contestants will have a hance to bid and win with a live auction using your free Riviera Dollars and others are brought on stage to compete in fun games such as talent contests, singing tunes, trivia questions and more for additional prizes. The admission is free-so come early. PRESS RELEASE: April 14th *Sold Out Performance* Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles "Game Show Host" Joel Langer and "Comedian" Steve Mittleman "Live" in Los Angeles Joel is best known for creating Game Shows... The Hollywood Games Show, Dancing with the Seniors, and The Lucky Star Game Show. He produced and hosted a weekly Game Show at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, and has toured North America from Coast to Coast. Over 10,000 people attended the Hollywood Game Show at West Edmonton Mall in Canada. Joel Langer is best known as Auctioneer to the Stars and has raised over $15 Million Dollars for many worthwhile charities working with Singer Garth Brooks, Actress Shirley Maclaine, Actor Harrison Ford, Baseball Hall of Fame Tommy Lasorda, NFL Hall of Fame Mike Ditka, and Basketball Superstar LeBron James. Steve has earned a reputation as one of the best comics around. Having worked with both Steve Martin and Woody Allen. Appearances on: The Tonight show with Jay Leno and on Late Night with Dave Letterman. Steve's worked with: Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, Drew Carey, Ellen, Roseanne, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher and many more. Jerry Seinfeld: 'Mittleman is always funny!' - Steve Martin: 'he's funny!' Jackie Mason: 'a great comedian!' Tours include: Natalie Cole & Gladys Knight..Vegas casinos: the MGM, The Red Rock, The Golden Nugget. Atlantic city: the Borgata. " That's Entertainment " The Sanfilippo "Place de la Musique" Special Appearance by Joel Langer "The Hollywood Game Show" and Singing Sensation Ron Hawking The Sanfilippo "Place de la Musique" is known worldwide for its magnificent collections of beautifully restored antique music machines, phonographs, arcade and gambling machines, chandeliers, art glass, the world's largest restored theatre pipe organ, the most spectacular European salon carousel in existence. VIP attendees will be given a rare opportunity to spend the day at the estate of Jasper and Marian Sanfilippo in Barrington Hills, IL. Joel Langer will conduct a live auction with proceeds to benefit MJF Foundation. Jasper Sanfilippo is a self-made man who has transformed the nut and snack food industry through his patents, engineering expertise and keen business acumen. Though Mr. Sanfilippo's interest in automatic musical instruments wasn't kindled until 1976, he has spent the last 30 years in assembling the premier collection of its type in the world. There are automatic music machines and phonographs numbering in the hundreds. There are dozens of chandeliers, leaded-glass lamps, and Victorian antiques throughout the house. There are stationary steam engines in both the se and Carousel Building. There are fabulous street clocks and an original vintage electrical plant. There is a steam locomotive from the Henry Ford Museum, plus a caboose and handcrafted coach. And, of course, there is the unforgettable Eden Palais - the only complete European salon carousel in the world. Save The Date October 2, 2010 Press Release : February 28, 2010 Actor Harrison Ford and Joel Langer "Live" at the V.I.P. Party in Denver Oscar Winner Harrison Ford was on stage as Game Show Host Joel Langer unveiled a painting of Harrison Ford's unforgettable role in the 1981 blockbuster movie Indiana Jones "Raiders of the Lost Ark" by the Premier Entertainment Artist in the country, Malcolm Farley, whose impressive career includes "live painting performances" on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox Sports, and ESPN. For the past two decades Mr. Farley has painted live at the biggest entertainment and sporting events in the world. Millions watched as he painted at the Oscars, Emmy's, World Series, Super Bowl, and the Olympics. Most recently at the World Series he unveiled 24 original paintings of Major League Baseballs most Memorable Moments. Having painted such celebrities live on stage as Carlos Santana, BB KIng, Phil Collins, Harrison Ford, Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw. Mr. Farley was also selected to paint World Leader Mikhail Gorbachev and President Barack Obama. The Wall Street Journal was quoted as saying "Malcolm Farley is the Premier Entertainment and Sports Artist in the World." Press Release March 21, 2010 $50,000 Dollars In 5 Minutes For Charity Major League Baseball "All-Star" Mike Piazza and Joel Langer raise over $50,000 12 time All-Star Mike Piazza and Joel Langer Hollywood Game Show Host took the stage last Friday night in Chicago for the The Italian American Sports Hall of Fame and raised over $50,000 in just a few minutes offering priceless sports experiences. $10,000. for a day with Tommy Lasorda Los Angeles Dodger Manager and Hall of Fame inductee with a special behind the scenes tour of Dodger Stadium. $12,000 for a trip to Phoenix and Golf at an exclusive country club with Jerry Colangelo former owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Phoenix Suns. $11,000 for batting instructions for your child from Mike Piazza. Mike received hitting instructions when he was 15 from Baseball Legend Ted Williams. Mike Piazza is often regarded as the Best Hitting Catcher of all time, and holds the career record of home runs hit by a catcher with 427 and a lifetime batting average 308. In 1999 he was NL Rookie of the Year, 1996 MLB All-Star Game MVP, and He was selected to the MLB All-Star Game 12 times. Joel Langer has helped raise over $15 Million Dollars for many worthwhile Charities with the help of many Hollywood and Sports Celebrities including, Harrison Ford, Garth Brooks, Shirley Maclaine, Mike Ditka, and Tommy Lasorda. The National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Italian Americans in sports by exhibiting and interpreting its collections for a world-wide audience, and honoring Italian American heroes who have made lasting contributions to sports and society. Press Release: Joel Langer and Tommy Lasorda Raise $100,000 Dollars at Celebrity Golf Tournament Hollywood Game Show Host Joel Langer raises $100,000 as the Master of Ceremony for The Italian American Sports Hall of Fame Monday was a perfect day drawing Sports Celebrities to Chicago from around the country to help raise money for a great cause. The National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Italian Americans in sports by exhibiting and interpreting its collections for a world-wide audience, and honoring Italian American heroes who have made lasting contributions to sports and society. Baseball Hall of Famer Lasorda became the Los Angeles manager September 29, 1976 upon Alston's retirement. He compiled a 1,599-1,439 record as Dodgers manager, won two World Series Championships, four National League pennants and eight division titles in his 20 year career as the Dodgers Manager.His 16 wins in 30 NL Championship games managed were the most of any manager at the time of his retirement. Sports Dignitary Jerry Colangelo helped Auctioneer Joel Langer raise over $100,000 in a live Auction that included a trip to the 2012 Olympics in London that sold for $25,000. Nationally, Colangelo has been among The Sporting News’ most powerful people in sports for over the last decade and most recently was listed 60th in BusinessWeek’s annual “The Power 100” ranking of the 100 most powerful people in sports for 2008.he was appointed as the first Managing Director of the USA Basketball Men’s Senior N Team program for the 2005-2008 quadrennium in April 2005. Colangelo assembled the coaches and players of the “Redeem Team,” who returned USA Basketball to Olympic glory and claimed the gold medal at the 2008 Games in Beijing. Toy Designer Selects "Game Show Host" Joel Langer The New Voice of the Electronic Game "Prove It!" The makers of Prove It! describe it as 'a game of questions and answers' where the players try to out smart the others. But that's a little like saying chess is a game of funny shaped pieces, so allow us to elaborate. Prove It! is a raucous electronic game that's all about…um, well, it's all about the Bidding: Joel Langer Game Show Host asks players two types of questions: Fast Fingers or Building. In the Fast Fingers round players must buzz-in and answer questions such as "Can you name five famous cowboys?" They must then prove it by giving a full answer before the automatic timer counts them out. Things really heat up with the building questions; players must up the stakes and 'outbid' each other like in an a live auction. "Can you name four types of pasta? What about Five? Six? Seven?" The question continues to build until only one player has pressed their Yes button and has become the high bidder. That player then has fifteen seconds to Prove It! PRESS RELEASE: March 21, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Coming Soon to Huntley "Dancing with the Seniors Live" Game Show “Put on your dancing shoes” and be a part of a live Game Show where everyone performs for a chance to win Fabulous Prizes. We’ll also have a Fun Auction to raise money for Disabled Veterans. The event, to be held at the Cosman Cultural Center in Huntley, will feature singing sensation Ron Hawkins a well known Chicago talent. Contestants will have a chance to perform live on stage in front of their friends and community to win prizes and, not so incidentally, to show off their talents. Everyone can do something. Can’t dance? Try your talent in America’s first “Sit Down Comic” contest. Like singing better? How about the “Sing for Your Supper” contest? Everyone’s welcome. Senior singles, senior couples, senior rooting sections. If you’re not a senior, come anyway, have some fun, and support our veterans. If past successes are any clue, this event will be a huge success says Joel Langer, former producer and host of “The Hollywood Game Show” at Las Vegas’ Riviera Hotel. He noted that he produced “The Hollywood Game Show” this past January in Colorado Springs. The game show’s excitement and the pull of the charity auction that went with it drew big crowds and coverage from a local TV station. The gathering had the lure of an extravaganza complete with fanfare, the chance to win prizes, and an opportunity to support our troops. It inspired him to develop “Dancing with the Seniors Live.” About Joel Langer: Over the years, Joel Langer has helped raise millions of dollars for many charities including Garth Brooks‚ Kids Charity, the Mike Ditka NFL Charity, American Cancer Society, and Make a Wish Foundation. He began his career as an Auctioneer in Chicago 30 years ago, specializing in fundraising auctions, high-end real estate auctions, and bankruptcy auctions for trustees. He even had the distinction of having conducted a $1.75 billion debt sale, one of the largest live auctions ever held in the U.S. Interview Requests: Joel Langer is available for television, radio and newspaper interviews.

TALLADEGA NIGHTS THE MOVIE Cal Naughton Jr #47 Race Die-Cast Car! *SOLD*

TALLADEGA NIGHTS THE MOVIE Cal Naughton Jr #47 Old Spice Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1:24 Scale NASCAR Diecast By Action Racing Collectables Action Collectables 1:24 Scale limited edition Nascar diecast collectible includes over 100 total parts with a diecast body and chassis Key features also include: hood open and trunk open, manufaturer-specific engine detail, accurate header contour and simulated exhaust openings Limited production quantities will be determined for each car to heighten its future value. John Christopher Reilly, Jr. (born May 24, 1965) is an American film and theater actor, singer, and comedian. Debuting in Casualties of War in 1989, he is one of several actors whose careers were launched by Brian De Palma. To date, he has appeared in more than fifty films, including three separate films in 2002 that were all nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Chicago and a Grammy Award for the song "Walk Hard", which he performed in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Reilly has starred in Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, a television show on Adult Swim, since its premiere on May 16, 2010 From Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) Cal Naughton, Jr.: Oh and one last question. Ricky Bobby: Yeah? Cal Naughton, Jr.: When you have the stereo on, at the same time as the TV, how do you control the volume on the TV? Ricky Bobby: Why would you want to watch TV with the stereo on? Cal Naughton, Jr.: Cause I like to party.

The Lone Ranger Mask Made Like The Original of Clayton Moore & John Hart Wore *LARGE VERSION* -PRICE REDUCED- *SOLD*

This mask has been especially made for a Lone Ranger performer to the specifications of the original Lone Ranger mask. One of the original mask sold a few years ago on auction for over 40 thousand dollars. This is not a cheap toy mask. Now you have a chance to own a mask made just like the original. Totally authentic. There were two styles of mask that Clayton Moore use to wear. The larger mask Like John Hart wore in 1952 season, which covers the nose. And the smaller mask which does not cover the nose. Either mask will fit anyone. Made of felt over a plaster of paris mold with an elastic strap. This mask is ideal for the Lone Ranger fan that always wanted that special mask and wants to display it in a collection or to wear occasionally. Only comes in black.

Authentic NASCAR 09 Sprint Hendrick Motorsports Jimmie Johnson #48 Car Team Championship Jostens Ring W/LOA! *SOLD*

Vary RARE to find, not to mention a LOA from whom the ring was presented to with his Name on it. NASCAR 2009 Sprint Cup HENDRICK MOTORSPORT JIMMIE JOHNSON #48 Race Car Team Member AUTHENTIC Championship Jostens Ring...Comes with Original Jostens Box & with a LOA sent to us by Jim via email. Jim Pettigrew: Jim Pettigrew is a former NASCAR fabricator and Hendrick employee, and he swapped in an adjustable, NASCAR-style front clip with C5 Corvette suspension and mini-tubbed the rear. He used an old-school leaf-link rear suspension and fabricated the top links to go with 2-inch lowering leaf springs from Detroit Speed & Engineering to maintain the rearend's location. To make the SB2.2 Cup engine slightly more street-friendly, a less aggressive cam and a set of cylinder heads from a 9.0:1 compression Nationwide Series motor were swapped on. Otherwise, it is the same as the motors Jimmie has raced to an unprecedented four consecutive NASCAR Nextel Cup championships.

The Lone Ranger Antique Silver 50's Style Collector Coin 1 1/2" in Size *SOLD OUT*

BRAND NEW... These great looking collector coins will sure to be the envy of all your friends who collect them or are Lone Ranger fans. This is for (1) ONLY Lone Ranger 50's style Antique Silver Collector Coin. antique silver double sided 3mm thick smooth edges 1 1/2" in diameter... LARGEST, THICKEST & HEAVIEST ON THE MARKET.

Limited Edition The Walking Dead AMC Don't Open-Dead Inside ASG 53/100 W/COA! -*SOLD*-

Limited Edition The Walking Dead ASG - Don't Open, Dead Inside Norman, Andrew and Lauren, better known as Daryl, Rick and Maggie, were all pretty thrilled when they received their Collectible The Walking Dead guitars at Comic Con. Getting in on the Daily Deal for a The Walking Dead ASG is about as close as you can get to getting one for free, like the walker-smashing posse did (they probably deserve the gratis). The Dead Inside ASG features the series' iconic "Don't Open, Dead Inside" graphic, featuring ravenously hungry walker claws tearing through a cafeteria door. I guess the PB n J's in the kitchen didn't suffice. This guitar is built with mahogany and boasts a set mahogany neck with ASG Vision Humbucking pickups for an amazing shredding tone. This deeply dark finish is framed with full body, neck and headstock binding and comes stock with Mother-of-Pearl inlays. For the brave, shred this monster guitar for all that will listen. For all others, frame it behind glass for decades of collectible terror! Spray painted on the grimy hospital door in black scrawling letters, the message is clear but cryptic nonetheless: “Don’t open: Dead inside.” Maybe the walkers pushing through from the other side with rotting hands and bared teeth didn’t get the communiqué, because there’s no doubt they’ll break out before long. This scene from the first episode of the famous series is now the inspiration for the new ASG Vision ‘Dead Inside’ guitar, a glossy, single cutaway, solid-body electric with a basswood body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, carved mahogany top, mother-of-pearl inlays, hot ASG Vision humbuckers, Gravedigger headstock and Vision headstock emblem. This haunting picture from Rick’s unforgettable hospital visit is affixed to the body using ASG’s exclusive chemical bonding process. With quality hardware and tonewoods, the ASG Vision line is an amazing value, but make no mistake, these axes are designed and set up to have the features, freedom and polish to play whatever kind music unleashes your inner wanderer. Rick was floored by his new axe and said he couldn't wait to show it off to his father-in-law. You know what band his father-in-law is in? Construction Set Neck Body Mahogany Scale 24.75" Neck Mahogany Fingerboard Rosewood Fingerboard Radius 350mm Pickups ASG Arsenals Electronics Passive Finish Black Gloss Nut Width 42mm Frets 22 - Modern Jumbo Tuners Grover Hardware Color Chrome Bridge Type ASG TOM Bridge and Tailpiece Electronics Layout Vol/Vol/Tone/Tone/Toggle Guitars Made 100 Collectors Limited Edition model #53 OF 100 Hand Numbered to match the COA it comes with. Comes also with... A silk ASG bag Electric guitar cord ASG guitar pick 20% RESTOCKING FEE WILL BE CHARGED ON ALL RETURNS!

Sinatra Korbel Limited Edition Champagne With Tag NEVER OPENED..Rare...*SOLD*

Sinatra Korbel Limited Edition Champagne With Tag - The great Champagne maker Korbel crated a "Korbel Brut Rose Limited Edition Frank Sinatra Bottle" in 1997. This is one of these very limited edition bottles. It comes with the original Korbel Sinatra hang tag. A great collectable! Champagne bottle is 12" high.

The Lone Ranger Custom Made Holster Complete with Guns & Silver Bullets! *SOLD*

The Lone Ranger Custom Made Holster Complete with Gun's & Prop Dummy Bullet's. Holsters Such as this alone Without anything Else can RETAIL as Much as $2,500.00 Includes: Custom Made leather "Lone Ranger" Holster by Leather Craftsman David Rios...with all the Silver Plating Decorative Pieces...Holster is Made of 1/4" Thick Leather...Very Heavy Duty & Well Made, with a Size 34 waste. If you know of a leather craftsmen in your area, you can always have the belt part removed & made to your specific waste size. (2) Nickel Plated Denix Colt 45 Replica 6 Shooters 4 5/8" Barrel Guns...The Hammers Cock & the Bullet Door's open. (12) Denix Size Sold Cast Bullet's (6) in each Gun....ALL NOT MADE TO FIRE...NO GUN POWDER. FAKE Ivory Handles Casted & Made with Solid Resin. (40) Full Scale .45 Cal. (NON FIRING NO GUN POWDER DUMMY Prop Replica Siler Bullet's). These are non firing bullet's without any gun powder in them...nor can they be made to fire at anytime! 1/1 Scale Size... PROP Dummy .45 Colt BULLET "THE LONE RANGER" SILVER BULLETS... • Authentic Detailing & Size • Length: 1 5/8"... Diameter: over 3/8" • Metal It says 45 colt around the rim These bullet's are made of METAL...which have been chromed over top...Just like Lone Ranger USED... FOR MORE PHOTO CLOSE UP'S, PLEASE EMAIL US AT thank you.

The Lone Ranger Mask Made Like The Original of Clayton Moore Wore! *SOLD*

This mask has been especially made for a Lone Ranger performer to the specifications of the original Lone Ranger mask. One of the original mask sold a few years ago on auction for over 40 thousand dollars. This is not a cheap toy mask. Now you have a chance to own a mask made just like the original. Totally authentic. There were two styles of mask that Clayton Moore use to wear. The larger mask, which covers the nose. And the smaller mask which does not cover the nose. Either mask will fit anyone. Made of felt over a plaster of paris mold with an elastic strap. This mask is ideal for the Lone Ranger fan that always wanted that special mask and wants to display it in a collection or to wear occasionally. Only comes in black.

Freddy Krueger Shoes Brand NEW Size 11! *SOLD*

These are BRAND NEW REPRODUCTION Freddy shoes...very cool collectable to have for a Nightmare On Elm Street Fan...Size 11 never worn!

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