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A Set Roswell NM. Hallmarked Corporal PD #008 Badge Unused PD Patch & Vial of Dirt UFO 40'S Landing


Real cool collector 3 piece set!

Roswell NM. Hallmarked Real Corporal PD #008 Badge Unused PD Patch & Vial of Dirt UFO 1940'S Landing. The soil sample has the exact location of the alien crash site on the bottle.

Hanover Police Badge #139 Hallmarked "SIGNATURE" on the backside (Never Used)

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'SERGEANT' Hanover Police Badge #139 Hallmarked "SIGNATURE" on the backside (Never Used)

This badge is gold plated with black enamel text with a gold & colored hard enamel crest center seal. It measures 2 3/4" Tall X 1 3/4" Wide. Comes with a C-clamp pin attachment on the backside.

U.S. Bail Enforcement 1013 Badge!


Retail Value $96.98 This master-crafted, law enforcement quality badge features a 9 point design with "U.S. Bail Enforcement Fugitive Recovery Special Agent" printed in gold. An absolute must for anyone in the bail enforcement business. Measuring 2 3/4" x 2 1/4", this gold-colored badge features, stunning detail, and is outfitted with a heavy duty clip style attachment.

Pony Express Messenger Badge


From April 1860 through October 1861, Pony Express messengers carried mail over a hazardous 1,600 mile route. This route took only 10 days to complete. Some of the more known names that rode as Pony Express Messengers were Johnny Fry, John Burnett, Richard Egan, Charlie Cliff and William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Each badge is created out of steel. The badge is double-stamped then Antique plated. Each badge is inspected then hand finished for a one of a kind look. Measuring 2 7/8" in height, this Pony Express Messenger badge is outfitted with a heavy-duty pin attachment.

Brooklyn Police Badge


Get a piece of Brooklyn for yourself. This nickel gun metal colored badge will look stunning in your collection. Measuring 2" x 2", this badge is outfitted with a light-duty pin attachment.



The Bureau of Indian Affairs Police, usually known as the BIA Police, is the law enforcement arm of the Bureau of Indian Affairs which polices Indian tribes and reservations that do not have their own police force, and oversees other tribal police organizations. BIA Police services are provided through the Office of Justice Services Division of Law Enforcement. This Badge is made of double die struck solid copper with antique silver finish and soldered pin back. This Badge measures approximately 2 7/8 " x 2 3/16 " .

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum Texas Ranger badge pin back 180th Anniversary Old New Stock Still Sealed in Package


Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum Texas Ranger badge pin back 180th Anniversary Old New Stock Still Sealed in Package. This badge is new old stock from 2003 Anniversary , Nickel Plated and has the state of Texas superimposed over The Texas star on which is engraved 180 anniversary. Around the upper rim of the badge it reads Texas Rangers. The lower rim reads 1823 TRHFM 2003 Size is 1 3/4 INCHES. Great badge for a collector!

Deputy US Marshal Police Badge


In the Old West, Deputy Marshals were legendary figures and faced down all kinds of trials and tribulations in the course of their duties. Rampant lawlessness with bank robbers, rustlers and outlaws of all types int eh old west towns along with carrying out their many other duties brought these courageous ment ot the headlines of the day. The infamous Dalton Gang was arrested by Marshals in 1893 and numerous other outlaws/criminals were brought to justice. The U.S. Marshal service (U.S. Marshals and Deputy Marshals) is the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the United States and was created by the first Congress when they established the federal judiciary system. Measuring 3" this solid copper badge is die-struck and outfitted with a heavy-duty soldered pin attachment.

John Hart AKA "THE LONE RANGER" Personal Once Owned Texas Rangers Badge...THE REAL DEAL...W/COA & Personal Id Card


We would be willing to except Money order for $1,000.00... ONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME SOMETHING LIKE THIS COMES ALONG..VERY RARE DO YOU SEE THESE UP FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC, USUALLY ONLY IN A MUSEUM...THIS IS A VERY NICE MUSEUM QUALITY PIECE. ... This is John Hart PERSONAL ONCE OWNED Texas Ranger Association Badge who played "THE LONE RANGER" In 1952 for 1 year for Clayton Moore while he was out with a contract dispute with the studio. I have a LOA from his former Manager/Agent Mick Lafever who I know & purchased it from. It also comes with Badge & his name is engraved on the backside + the Certificate from the Texas Ranger Association when they Presented it to him on Nov. 13th 2002 + his Id card which has both his name & "THE LONE RANGER" Written on it. If you have question please ask! ... DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FRAME!!! ...SEE PHOTO GALLERY BELOW FOR MORE PHOTOS THANK YOU.

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